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Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief

Acupuncture for back pain reliefAcupuncture has increasingly gained popularity with people looking for alternate methods to eradicate pain without the use of medicine.

Acupuncture can work for many injuries and is highly recommended by many people who have used it for pain like pain in the neck, back, arthritis and the lower back . Most people assume that alternate methods of therapy that don’t involve taking medicine or having surgery is relatively safer and its potential to do harm would be more negligible than regular medical treatments. It is also seen as a less expensive alternative to modern medicine and treatments. Continue reading

Acupuncture Relieves Lower Back Pain

A new study (released on HealthCMI.com) of 236 patients published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain concludes that acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for the relief of lower Acupuncture CEUs OnlineAcupuncture at LI4back pain. A total of 14 acupuncture treatments were applied over a period of four weeks in this randomized investigation. The researchers concluded that acupuncture has “beneficial and persistent effectiveness against CLBP (chronic lower back pain).” Continue reading