Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief

Acupuncture for back pain reliefAcupuncture has increasingly gained popularity with people looking for alternate methods to eradicate pain without the use of medicine.

Acupuncture can work for many injuries and is highly recommended by many people who have used it for pain like pain in the neck, back, arthritis and the lower back . Most people assume that alternate methods of therapy that don’t involve taking medicine or having surgery is relatively safer and its potential to do harm would be more negligible than regular medical treatments. It is also seen as a less expensive alternative to modern medicine and treatments.

How Acupuncture Can Relieve Back Pain

Acupuncture is a therapy that is spread over many weeks and only then can it be gauged for its effectiveness. Acupuncture is based on the theory that energy flows through meridians and this energy is known as “chi” – and whenever there is a blockage in the flow of this energy it manifests itself in the form of pains or illness.

Acupuncture involves insertion of fine needles on the skin along these channels of energy flows and unblocks these pathways to remove imbalances. The acupuncturist interviews the patient and learns about the history of back pain and then develops the points to be manipulated on the skin along these energy pathways to remove pain. Once the needles are placed on the points of pain the acupuncturist rolls them mildly or at times uses mild heat or electrical stimuli over a duration ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

The treatment could stretch over a period of time based on the acupuncturists assessment of the time required to promote the energy flow. Acupuncture has proven to be effective in relief of back pain which is not chronic and various studies show that it decreases pain and increases mobility and enhances overall activity. It is however based on an individual’s level of pain and his/ her optimism with regards to the therapy.

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