Research shows Acupuncture can double chance of having a baby with IVF


Every human body is different. Every pregnancy is different. Our bodies don’t always function the way we want them to. In a world where we have so much control and access to the world at our finger tips, there is still so much we cannot control in our own bodies.

Acupuncture for fertilityThis is certainly the case when it comes to pregnancy. However, there are ways acupuncture, alongside other assisted treatments such as IVF, can guide and assist our bodies in the right direction.

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12 Reasons to Get Acupuncture

I often get asked why people should go for acupuncture, does it really work and if so what should they go for.

While doing some research the other day I came across this great article which I thought I’d share as it provides answers to many of the every day questions acupuncturists face.

Basically, there has never been a better time to get acupuncture. The reasons are infinite (in our humble, unbiased opinion), but here are 12 of the most compelling motivations for making acupuncture a priority this year.

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