Acupuncture Can Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

Acupuncture treats HPB. High blood pressure is a common ailment for many people and is ever-increasing due to the pressure of today’s society and the way we eat.

I found the below article while researching new studies being conducted in this area. It is an easy read and will hopefully help explain to anyone suffering from high blood pressure how and why acupuncture can really help to lower blood pressure in patients with  hypertension.

The study was based on patients between the ages of 32 and 65 some of whom were taking blood pressure medication for the treatment of high blood pressure and others not. Continue reading

Acupuncture Used To Treat Hypertension: Study

Hypertension is also more commonly known as high blood pressure and once diagnosed can be a life long disease that requires medication FOREVER.

However, while acupuncture practitioners know that acupuncture can substantially reduce high blood pressure levels, a new study conducted by the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine shows that acupuncture is in fact an effective treatment to completely regulating high blood pressure. Continue reading